People Who Kill Themselves By Jumping In Front Of A Train
ARE Selfish!

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This week Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear Presenter) said that people who kill themselves by jumping in front of a train are selfish.


But guess what him saying this led to…?

It led to many complaints... There was articles on the story in the newspaper all week and he got an enormous amount of criticism for it.

A lady named Catherine Johnstone, who is the chief executive of the Samaritans, which is campaigning to reduce the number of suicides on the railway network had this to say:

"His notion that suicide is a selfish act shows how little he knows about the subject because, if he did, he would know that when a person attempts suicide they are so distressed that they genuinely believe their families will be better off without them."

Well Ms Johnstone, and everyone who is in "SHOCK" of what Jeremy said, let me give you my point of view on this issue:

Jeremy is in no way trying to offend people or the families of people who are so distressed they are willing to take their lives. Yes, we know these people have a completely twisted point of view and don't see things the way everyone else does. Trust me, Jeremy knows this too and what he meant by what he said was completely different to what you think he meant.

The truth is that YES, people who commit suicide by jumping in front of a train are selfish!


The act of killing yourself this way represents selfishness in its best form. And I feel for people who feel so bad, they decide to take their lives and I'm sure Jeremy does too, but we have to be real and think about this issue properly!

A person can feel so depressed that they think the world would be better off without their presence... It's awful but it happens...

But what exactly gives that person the right to take away the lives of others too?

Because I'll tell you this…

That person will take their life away, but those who witness the suicide, such as the train operator or other people either on the train or waiting on the platform, will very likely have their entire lives changed for the worse in a split second too...

Train passengers

What have they done wrong?
Their lives may be very happy indeed!
Why should they suffer too?

Train operators who have gone through seeing a live flesh and blood person being killed in front of their eyes in such a horrific way can never live normal lives again. Some of them can never go back to work or to the way they were before witnessing the suicide...

And again…

What have they done wrong?

What about other people who witness the suicide?

Some people are so sensitive that after witnessing something so shocking, they live the rest of their lives feeling trapped in a deep black hole from which they can not escape...

Why should they?

I am not in any way trying to suggest alternative ways for people to kill themselves and I am in no way encouraging people to attempt suicide, but there are other ways to do it, which will not affect innocent people.

People who decide to take their lives away must think about the innocent people their actions will affect. They don't need to suffer too. It's not their fault.

Yes, it is so selfish to not only hurt yourself but hurt other people too, because this is what a person who jumps in front of a train achieves.

I feel very sad for people who kill themselves and even worse for their families for what they have to go through as a result. I wish I could help people like that. Don't think I am being unsympathetic. I know painfully well how it feels to be so depressed that you wish you could just disappear...

Train suicide

Can you imagine living your life with the memory of seeing somebody die in front of your eyes in such a horrific way or in any way for that matter... It can be an extremely traumatic experience for some... Knowing myself, I know it would be for me! It would change my life!

This is the point Jeremy was trying to make!

What? You are going to have a go at me too?

Go on then, but before you do, think about this:

How would you feel if you were the train operator who witnessed a human body being ripped into pieces in front of your eyes?

How would you feel if you were there waiting for your train to take you to work on a beautiful day, when the lady waiting next to you made that final step just as the train was approaching?

Kids waiting for train

How would you feel?

Would you ever be able to go back to living a normal life?

Or would the person who decided to go down take you down with them too?

Will you deserve it?

PS: It doesn't matter what any of us do, we always have to think of the effect it has on others. We can't affect people's lives negatively with our actions. Whether it's by killing ourselves or by doing anything else which may cause hurt.

We have to think about our fellow beings and make sure that the choices we make in our lives have either a positive impact on them or no impact at all!

It is selfish to kill yourself in any way, because there will be people hurt by it one way or another, but to do it in a way which will hurt not only your loved ones but many other innocent people too, is extremely and utterly selfish!


07 Dec 2011

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